Friday, October 10, 2008

College and career

This past sunday I had lunch with the leaders of my church sunday school dept and four other Young poeple about starting our college and career group. This is so exciting for me because we have tried before to have an effective group of that age but it always seems to not go very far. Anyways.......

We started talking about what could be done to provide the people of our church that are in that age group with a Christian, yet fun environment where they can ask questions, build bonds with other young people or just hang out if they want.

Well there is little more to say, but we had our first just hang out on wednesday and it was a huge success!!!! Amen.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Wondering, how am i going to make it out of this jam?

Knowing that by myself, I am not strong enough to take on a weak problem.

Wondering, if I can even start this race over and about how much harder it will be to finish it?

Wondering, if the God of heaven looks at me still with compassion?

Yearning to hear His voice and feel His presence near.
To know that His ams will be there to catch me when I fall off the cliff of a self-willed decision.

Wanting so badly to have Him call my name and say "All is well." "Enter in."


Monday, August 6, 2007

Worth It

I was just sittin here setting up my profile when the thought of Calvary came to mind. I'm filled with awe and thanks, that he looked down two or so thousnad years into the future and saw my face.
I wonder did he ever think "is he worth it?"
only to see me singing his praise thousands of years later and say "YES!"
Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that he saw you as you are. with all your faults, scars, tears in your eyes and the struggles and temtations that you would face. Yet, still he saw beyond all of that and saw the potential in you. He knew that you were worth all the beating, all the pain, and all the suffering. So He shed His blood, died on the cross, yet in all of the pain He did nt complain on time. Then he rose again so you could see him one day face to face.
He knew you were worth it!!!!